This website is made to share some of my tech projects.


My name is Karel Reinhard started programming(basic) in the 80's on ZX spectrum with a whooping 16K.
Till the mid 90ties I worked in the agriculture, electronics and telecommunication to finally rediscover my lost love for programming.


My first professional programming experience was on a Macintosh writing financial software in 4D. Around 1999 I switched to the more exciting programming language Webobjects.
After that I used a lot of different programming languages like Objective-c, Java, Coldfusion, PHP, C++, C#. Mainly for creating websites.

karel reinhard
ZX Spectrum

Working currently on.

I quit on my cooperate job to focus more on my startup fruitfly.nl With fruitfly I'm building apps for the iphone.
My mongodb ios app MongoFly is finished. With mongofly you can manage your MongoDB from an IOS device.
See more in the Appstore or check my Website

You can contact me at karel@torretje.nl or info@fruitfly.nl